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Unak, Carats and Oiter are fully enjoying their circus convention. Unak with his crystal ball that walks through his body at will, shaking him, pampering him without even being touched by his fingers. The ball crosses its extremities from end to end, caressing its well-formed body. Reflects and refracts the infinite lights of the environment generating infinite flashes and its oscillation seems moved by a tiny invisible engine. The grace of the male Unak disappears, giving way to a dancer who carries inside; where she dances with her crystal ball the unison of her delicate steps. Unak thinks about getting, one of the cheap loans for a great idea that goes around in his head. Luckily he is not in Financial Credit Institutions and later, he will propose it to the boys to see what they think.

Carats follows Unak, pulls his nails out of the backpack. Juggling begins! Five nails fly through the air, while only one of them goes through his hands and in nanoseconds is already back in the air, giving way to the next. Who would have access to one of those cheap loans, to change the worn out nails! Cheap loans, cheap loans, if you already remembered where you saw for the first time, the cheap loans. The most used by the Basques according to the Bank of Spain , saw them browsing the web. Would like to give again with those cheap loans and definitely change the old and broken nails. While it extracts calculations with its mind, they continue cutting the air with the aerodynamic nails, their different colors produce a brilliant oval of rainbow in the sky. People cheer him because Carats is a true and skilled juggler!

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It’s Oiter’s turn, it’s time to take your skills as a maromero expert. Oiter runs nimbly on a rope; its twists, the pirouettes, the jumps and maromas are shown graceful and brave at 6 meters from the ground. Only one network separates Oiter from a possible and crashing star on the hard asphalt. Between jumps and rotations on a rope suspended in space, Oiter wobbles with impressive skill!

The impacted audience sees him as a playful harlequin challenging, turn-by-turn, to the imposing gravity. Oiter in his swing, he bends gracefully to fate and death, fear accompanies him but this time, he is not his enemy. On the contrary, it alerts and sharpens the senses, to avoid with them, a catastrophic and sad outcome. The public follows him nervously with his impassive glances and then throwing himself into the net with ex profesos movements; the tumult breathes deep and is restored from such a gigantic feat. Seconds later the hands are skinned in plausos and after a masterful rebound on the mesh, Oiter falls on the road, as a sign of triumph and conquest!

The three of them are more relaxed talking and having fun on the beach. One, two mojitos, a little rum and a pleasant conversation accompanies them, in a coming and going of purposes and dreams. Unak tells them about the idea that imprints on his brain, build a clown school, if you hear it, a clown school. For this, everyone should ask for cheap loans, if cheap loans, he insists. It is not crazy, three ingenious minds and three loans for young people can achieve what they want!

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What name will we put? Oiter responds “matarile rile ron” at once they start saying that rum can give them a kill and they burst into laughter. Carats recommends Patch, for Patch Adams, no kid that sounds like a gloomy hospital haunted by death. Maybe a mixture of the names of the three something like, Aiñari or Iñarai, that does not sound like an out of tune instrument. Where will it work? They must rent a small shed but for this, it is absolutely necessary that they request cheap loans; At least three cheap loans, to get start comfortably. The site must have an open place to practice with unicycles and place an elastic rope to initiate expert maromeros. A gigantic wardrobe to store items that you also have to buy, with cheap loans. Such as: nails, balls, unicycles, clothing, wigs, hopes, hopes and illusions.

Between laughter and dissertations, they come up with the great sketch of a clown school, the cheap loans will be their salvation !. The boys will learn to move on stage, entertain and make the audience laugh avid and strict. Let the multiple colors permeate your wardrobe, red noses and trumpets announcing the biggest party in the world. An arduous task awaits them and it is precisely to achieve their mission, the first is to go for cheap loans; to rent the site, which will be the beginning of a whole and that promises, along with their cheap loans. A great project is about to be built, only the push and vigorous youth can achieve. Destiny and dreams are clumped together in an indefinite jumble, but to shape it is precisely to approach utopia. Cirque Du Soleil looks forward to the presence of some talented student, of such a marvelous and wonderful school!

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