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What are the advantages of hiring loans to start a business?

Doing it online offers great benefits. First you can do it from your home, business or work without the need to move or lose time in a bank branch.

Secondly, the amount of requirements that a credit institution ask you if you are looking for an entrepreneur credit is usually impossible to fulfill since they request so many procedures that you end up getting tired.

In addition, and although they consult your credit history in the Credit Bureau, they have their own score systems.

Therefore, the analyzes involve other processes and although they are strict and grant credits for new businesses that are just beginning, they need to be registered in the SAT, that is, to be formal.


What companies provide business loans?

business loans

The financial market offers you some alternatives if you are in need of loans for SMEs . One option is to resort to traditional banking with your requirements.

This means that they will ask you for thousands of papers and requirements that many new businesses do not have.

A more viable and simple option is through the fintech platforms that offer this type of products online.

The procedures are simpler, the requirements are usually more flexible and interest rates much more attractive.


How to obtain a credit for a business?

The best alternative for business loans or economic support for entrepreneurial projects , is through these fintech platforms, without going through the banks.

Financing for SMEs can be achieved without paperwork, loss of time and with better conditions in terms of interest rates.

If you are looking for loans for new businesses , also for those that are already working and need an injection of money, it is one of the best options.

If you require support to entrepreneurs , to be able to advance with your own project, do not hesitate, because the procedures are online, and you only have to provide the information requested to get better conditions.

You access the platforms, simulate the amount and term of the loan, complete with the information requested and you can apply in hours to grow your business to obtain financing for companies .


What requirements must I meet to obtain a loan for my business?

What requirements must I meet to obtain a loan for my business?

These days we are hearing that many people are beginning to apply for loans to open businesses without endorsement .

Now, if you are looking for loans for sole proprietorships , financing for entrepreneurs or credits for family businesses , you have to meet certain requirements.

Each financial institution has its own requests for information and documentation to offer you money, but some are common.

  • IFE, CURP and Proof of Address
  • Have a legally constituted company
  • Bank account
  • RFC of the company
  • Good credit history
  • Balance sheets and articles of incorporation

It is worth remembering that the greater the amount of data that is contributed, the greater the probability of obtaining the funds.


How to find financing for a business?

How to find financing for a business?

If you want to access financing from a company that needs to take off, or has to get out of trouble, there are alternatives in the market to get loans for microenterprises .

Many seek support for young entrepreneurs who want to implement their projects but do not have money and resort to banks to finance them and face the same problem.

They fill them with orders, a lot of paperwork, requirements that they can not fulfill because they have just started, and very expensive financial conditions.

If what you need is micro-credits for entrepreneurs , or financing for companies , on the Internet you can find very attractive alternatives.

Recommendations to find the best financing for entrepreneurs :

  • Look for options that suit your financial situation and business plan
  • Compare not only interest rates and terms but also secondary or associated aspects to the loan
  • Provides all the financial and personal information required to apply

Financial support for entrepreneurs exists, look for them on the web and do not waste time in banks and branches.

Are there business loans with daily payments?

Are there business loans with daily payments?

If you are looking for loans for small businesses , with short-term payments, we have good news: it is possible.

Companies that offer financing for entrepreneurs have the possibility of making daily, weekly or biweekly payments.

Everything will depend on the scheme credits for new businesses that you choose for you because it will depend on the financial situation of your venture to choose one or another option.

What loan is suitable to open a business?

One of the main problems that start entrepreneurs have is that there are few credits for new businesses .

However, we have good news for you. Fintech platforms have begun to support them with loans for new businesses .

These are loans to open businesses without endorsement , where documentation must be presented as in any financial institution but with greater facilities.

Although it depends on each company, it must provide personal and financial information of the partners or entrepreneurs and is managed online, saving time and paperwork.

It is recommended for when you start your business to have a solid business plan and prepared to present, and if you do not want to fall into a financial, you can choose other alternatives such as crowdfunding.

Within the collective financing you can request a loan through crowdlending or a new option is through equity crowdfunding.

Here you can find financing by offering investors, in exchange for investment, a stake in the company.

One of the best options in loans for sole proprietorships , or for those seeking loans for new businesses, can opt for Afluenta.

Although one of the purposes of this type of financing for entrepreneurs is intended for a new project or improvement of the current one, the advantage is that this support for young entrepreneurs is personal and not in the name of the business.

Therefore, if what you were looking for were loans to start a business and you do not have that billing history and commercial documentation this is an excellent opportunity.

What online business loan options are there in Mexico?

What online business loan options are there in Mexico?

One of the advantages of business in Mexico is that there are more and more financing options for SMEs .

The different economic support schemes for entrepreneurial projects that have appeared in recent months include all kinds of options.

There are credits for new businesses , also loans for sole proprietorships or credits for family businesses .

The new platforms have alternatives for factoring for SMEs, money for Uber drivers, businesses that have a few years of life, among others.

These fintech platforms, commercialize financial support for entrepreneurs with less paperwork than banks, more accessible interest rates and everything online, without losing time in branches.


I want to expand my business, how can I request a loan?

Without a doubt, if you are looking for loans to start a business or to expand it, nothing better than to look for financing on the Internet.

It is very important, if you want support for entrepreneurs who want to take a step to scale, or loans for micro-businesses that are expanding, opt for this model.

To do this, submit all the documentation requested by you because this will accelerate the granting terms and you can improve the conditions.

Surely you will be asked to meet the following requirements:

  • Current official identification of the partners and proof of address of the CFE.
  • Be between 25 and 65 years old.
  • Your business must have at least 6 months of operation.
  • Have a bank account in your name.
  • At least 3 to 6 months of account statements.
  • Have a minimum monthly average balance
  • Testable monthly income.
  • Be enrolled in SAT

How should finance the transfer of a business?

How should finance the transfer of a business?

If you are about to acquire a business and you need financing today, it is possible to offer loans to open businesses . Here the key lies in presenting all the information necessary to access the credit.

The ideal scenario is to pay most of the agreement without financing so as not to contract a very important debt.

If you need an injection of money you will have to go to a credit institution or negotiate with the one who transfers the business to you the conditions.

Surely in this situation you must present some guarantee or guarantee to support the operation, although it will depend on each case.


How to start your own business in Mexico?

If you are one of those Mexicans who have emigrated and want to start a business in the country again, Nacional Financiera de México has the program “Return and Start, Migrant Credit”.

If you want to know how much to start a small business in Mexico , you can request from 50 thousand to 500 thousand pesos, and only for migrants who voluntarily or forcibly return to the country and want to start a business.

You can access credits from 50,000 MXN up to 150 thousand pesos if you are between 18 and 35 years old, and up to 500,000 MXN if you are between 36 and 65 years old.

If you need to know the requirements and ask yourself what I need to start a business in Mexico , here you can see the documentation you must provide.

In just two steps you can process this support for young entrepreneurs and loans to start a business

  1. Register with the National Institute of Migration (INM) to process documentation (CURP and credential of the INE)
  2. Incubate your business idea. If you are between 18 and 35 years of age, you must complete your online incubation and if you are between 36 and 65 years of age, you must be in person.

How to use entrepreneur loans?

How to use entrepreneur loans?

The loans for entrepreneurs can be allocated according to each case and process in which the activity is developed.

  • Incubation: this is for new entrepreneurs and / or companies that have between 1 and 2 years of operation and need financing to bring the project to life.
  • To formalize your business if you need to put everything in order because the business is working.
  • Financing to grow because you are in an intermediate stage and you need to take a leap.

How to compare business loans?

How to compare business loans?

It’s very simple, in our business loans section, choose the amount you need and your monthly income.

There you will see the offers that adapt to your company. Once you have more than one option, read the conditions of each product and the requirements they ask for.

If you have any doubts, contact us through the different communication channels and we will advise you without charge.

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